Travelling is the most common way people spend their free time. It includes any form of movement, where one departs from their usual place of stay, and spend either a day or a more extended period, in a new place. Planning for your travel is essential as it will help you have a smooth time and transition between your place of residence to the new location. This website is dedicated to availing some information related to travelling, and how you can find alternative accommodation if you do not want to spend your time in hotels.

Home Swaps

Home swaps or a home exchange is a situation whereby travellers make an arrangement on how they can exchange their homes. Each party stays at the other owner’s residence for an agreed period, giving them an opportunity of travelling to new locations without having to pay accommodation charges. We have listed some of the things which you need to know about home swaps, and why you should consider choosing them instead of spending your vacation in hotels or other accommodation facilities.

Travel Advice

Before going to a new place, you require some advice on what you need to do before travelling, and the right documents to carry along. Read through this section for more insights on how you can save on costs while on holiday.

Storage Facilities

If going shopping in England and have large luggage which you can’t carry along as you travel, we list some of the best storage facilities in London, and what you should consider before leaving your baggage behind.