The home exchange offers an ideal opportunity for you to stay at someone else’s home, while they stay at yours during vacations. A home exchange provides a tremendous cost-saving accommodation solution, especially when travelling far from your home. Traditionally, people would literally swap their homes simultaneously, but nowadays more forms of home exchange have emerged, with one of the most popular type being the non-simultaneous stay, where people with more than one home offer their other houses for exchange but continue living in their residence. This form of exchange is preferred because people do not necessarily need to plan their travel in the same period with the other partner. We advise that if you are already sure of the destination, try finding more convenient home exchange deals with a local company which operates in the area, who may have better options because they are familiar with the region.

Is Home Exchange a Good Deal for You?

Home exchange is not ideal for everyone, because of the fact that you will have to live in another persons’ house, and some people are not comfortable doing the washing and cleaning during their vacation. However, home exchange helps one save on costs which may have been incurred when staying at hotels and eating in the restaurants. Also, one may not be comfortable swapping their house in a popular area, with another home located in the countryside.

Setting Up a Home Exchange

If you feel that a home swap idea is right for you, set up an exchange profile on some of the home exchange companies available online. Some companies will charge a membership fee, while others will allow you to go through the listings for free. It’s essential that in your listing and offer email, that you describe your home, neighbourhood, communication and transport facilities, which will help your potential swap partner make an informed decision.