Home exchange has numerous advantages for vocational travellers, as one swaps their home with another family, for an agreed period, allowing one to enjoy their vacation like a local. The home exchange also helps save on accommodation costs, as well as travel expenses if car swaps deals are available. Many people will feel more comfortable spending their time in a spacious environment, rather than being confined to a hotel room, and having the chance to cook for themselves. When searching for a home exchange deal, we advise that you use the “reverse search” model, where you look for people who want to come to your region, so that you can have an idea of places you can visit during your vacation. The internet has valuable resources related to home exchange, from where you can get the latest listings and information about a home exchange in different regions.

Why You Should Consider Home Exchange Travel

  • Free accommodation

Home exchange travel offers free accommodation, because you literally stay at the home of your swap partner, as they spend their time at your place. Though in some cases you will need to cater for the utility bills, this cost is smaller than what you would have paid for staying in hotels.

  • If scouting for a job in a new location, you will need somewhere you can stay for an extended period. Home exchange helps solve this issue, giving you time to concentrate on looking for job opportunities in the new location.
  • For pet lovers, home exchange will allow you to bring along your pet during your vacation because some hotels do not allow pets in their facilities. Apart from pets, home exchange will enable you to travel with your young children, instead of leaving them behind during your vacation.
  • People going on job exchange programmes have a chance to exchange their homes for more extended periods, between six months to one year.