Holidays are times when we want to relax and explore around to see the beautiful scenery which the world has to offer. Whether saving for your holiday trip or someone else is paying the expenses, England is one of the best places to visit, because of its numerous award-winning attractions. Britain is also home to a selection of towns, cities and villages, some hidden while others are well documented. With a rich architectural history combined with museums and theatres, England offers an incredible experience for holiday goers. We have come up with a list of affordable destinations to visit, especially if travelling on a budget. Whether you intend to stay for a day or a more extended period, this list will give you some worthy ideas of places you will not regret visiting around Britain.

English Riviera

The English Riviera is ideal for a seaside holiday, and with its gorgeous sandy beaches, you will have the best time if travelling with kids, or when going on a romantic getaway with your partner. Before visiting the Riviera, you must check through the events calendar, to travel during the best festivals, or if you want a peaceful getaway, you can visit during the off-peak seasons.


Known as England’s classic resort, Southport is home to some of the best beaches with loads of entertainment facilities, including three theatres, a golf course, casinos and shopping quarters. You can go through a list of events on various websites, and also look around for the best hotels. If you have time, visit the Botanical Gardens as well.

Eastbourne and the South Downs

There is no better feeling than going hiking on the expansive South Coast, leaving you feeling fresh and more energised. For music and art lovers Eastbourne and the South Downs is an ideal destination, as you will find plenty of entertainment, especially during holidays.