When moving to a new home for vacations, especially one which is far from your state or country, having the right documents beforehand will help you save on time. House hunting is not the most challenging step when looking for a holiday or rental house; getting the proper documents is necessary because landlords and house owners will require some proof of identity, to make sure that their properties are in safe hands. When opting for house swaps, companies that offer home exchange platforms will require you to create an account, where you provide your necessary information, such as contact details which will ease communication between the parties involved.

Documents to Prepare

Before travelling, you should ensure that you have all the documents required, to avoid inconveniences which may arise during your holiday. We have come up with a list of some of the documents you may be required to have when renting a home in England.

  • Travel visa and insurance

If travelling abroad, you are required to get authorisation from your host country embassy, where you will be issued a visa which acts as a travel pass, as you are required to show it at various entry locations. Travel insurance will help you foot some bills, in case of emergencies during travel, and some countries will require proof of insurance before issuing a visa.

  • Personal identification

When renting a holiday house in England, proof of identity is required before being allowed to make your payment. Some of the documents which may be used include a personal identification card, driving license or travel visa. In some cases, landlords will require documents showing that you are allowed to rent a house, which is issued by the government or local authorities.

  • Employment reference

Having a letter from your employer will boost your chances of landing your ideal rental facility because the document boosts your trustworthiness with the potential landlord.