England has some of the most fascinating scenery and is a preferred destination for many travellers. When going on vacation or a getaway, either alone or with your family, the following are some of the places you should include in your list.

Things to Do

England has a great culture which is an attraction for many tourists who want to learn a little about modern civilisation and explore some of the breathtaking scenery which you may not have a chance of experiencing in other places around the world. When visiting England, the following are some places you should visit.

  • Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace acts as the primary residence of Queen Elizabeth in London, and this is where official receptions for world leaders takes place, and it also serves as the administrative centre for the British monarch. Guests have a chance of watching the Changing of the Guard, which happens daily during summer and three to four times a week during winter. Visitors can also join the trips around the building where they get to see different artwork and the Queen’s official residence.

  • British Museum

The British Museum should rank at the top of your London must-visit list. Built in 1852, the museum is home to some of the ancient artefacts from the Greek, Egyptian and Roman cultures which date back more than two million years ago. The museum is a perfect destination for history students who get a chance of learning about mankind’s evolution through tangible objects.

  • National Parks and the Countryside

England is home to some of the best national parks, where you get to enjoy great getaways and an opportunity to enjoy activities such as rock climbing, butterfly viewing or camping. A visit to the countryside will offer a cheaper travel solution because accommodation tends to be less expensive in these areas. You will also have a chance of escaping from the busy town life and learning the ways of the countryside.